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Vort Depatment

To Open  A New Vort Gift Registry:

1. Call 732 534 7900 During Regular Business Hours 

2. Text 732 534 7900 with the following information.

1. Kallahs Name

2. Group Name- Be as specific as you can.  (Give a name to the participants of your group. HS, Sem, Kallah's Aunts, West Ave Neighbors)

3. Date Of Vort

4. Location/Time

5. Your Cell Number with text. (If you do not text, please provide a number that can receive txt messages.)

6. Please specify if you are opening a Group Registry Or if you are opening a private gift account and paying with one payment. 

A Team Member Will Respond To You Promptly.

Mazel Tov Imyirtze Hashem By You Oif Simchas.


To Add To An Existing Vort Gift:

Option 1- Text 732 534 7900. The information we need will be shown once you text.

Option 2 - Use the Link that was sent to the person who started your group's gift registry. 

Please Note: We Do NOT Take Credit Cards Over The Phone.

Deadline to add to a registry through Text Is 2 PM and through link is 3pm ON THE DAY OF THE VORT. 

You may add at any time if you are adding for a different day.